Self Care in Nature

In front of me, there is this path into the woods. And it reminds me of my favorite poem “The road not taken,” by Robert Frost. This beauty surrounding me is having me question what life is really about. I turn off my cell phone, realizing this is not a place for that.

There is life everywhere. The black bee buzzing by my ear. To the ant trying to crawl upon my toe. The Sprout of greenery growing from the ground. Birds chirping in the distance. The humming, the natural and Beautiful Noise of nature in its truest form. The beautiful shades and colors, that just are not describable with a pen and paper. The Shady trees that provide me with protection from the sun’s rays. And the Sun that breaks through the shade to warm my skin.

In a country where we have so much money and wealth and too many material objects. So many resources and commodities. And yet this same country is also statistically one of the most unhappiest places to live on this Earth.

I look around me in this quiet wilderness. As my body sinks into the soft ground, made of leaves. I question if the lack of this beauty, peace, silence, and ultimately spirituality – is this not the reason for so much of our anxiety and unhappiness?

Just a thought- pack a bag  with a blanket, water, paper, pen, and spiritual book (if you desire). And go find a place outside in nature, alone. Not hear cars driving by. Not have access to social media. Not worry about the time. And take in all of your five senses. And just-be.

Angie Simonton Minden LCSW