For the Butterflies 

I love butterflies. There is something magical and mysterious about them. They fly in the wind, seemingly unstoppable. They joyfully dip around white dandelions and yellow daisies. And their beauty is unparalleled. Butterflies are rarely seen, difficult to catch, have gone through a significant transformation, and yet remain incredibly delicate.

I believe that some people are like butterflies. Beginning life awkward, uncomfortable, and not fitting in. Feeling plain, out of place, and alone. You may wonder why you feel different than others. But being different is what makes you unique. And being unique is beautiful. Perhaps you don’t see that today. I hope you will. I hope that you can learn to see yourself, for the incredible person that you are.

So this is for the Butterflies. I see you. I know you. You may not think anyone sees you, but I do. I see your uncertainties and hear your loneliness. But you’re never truly alone. Because the other Butterflies are waiting patiently for you. But you have to change, grow strong, and transform first. It’s not easy.

Some People will discourage you from changing. And others will never see you for who you really are. But you will learn that what others think, is no longer of importance. It’s how you see yourself, that holds the most value. And when you do transform, it has this amazing ripple effect on your entire life. You will view things in away that you never imagined. Lifes possibilities become endless. 

When you’re ready to come out of your cocoon and spread your wings, the Butterflies will be waiting patiently. And on shaky legs you can spread your wings and fly. And you will be unstoppable.

Angie Simonton, LCSW

2 thoughts on “For the Butterflies 

  1. Angie, I am now living in Austin,Tx. Your beautiful tribute Your post about butterflies touched my soul. They have special meaning to my family. On another note, I received my MSW from Tulane and have my LCSW and know have a private practice. I would enjoy connecting with you. My phone # 512-567-6531. E-mail is Take care, Patricia Lemons

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