Well I finally made the jump.. into Private Practice!

When I started this page over a year ago, my first blog was about taking a different path in life. I was at a career crossroad, and decided to take my own, “Roadless traveled.” The hope to become a mental health therapist was one of the primary reasons I went into the Social Work Profession. A profession that has become so much apart of my character, that it defines who I am. But as in all long journeys, I became lost and confused with my direction. 

What happened? Life did. Being a therapist seemed so far out of my reach…Once I graduated with my degree(s) I had a wake up call that most therapy positions required  extensive experience. And in the shuffle of adulthood and everything that comes with it, that dream became distant. But thankfully, as a Social Worker, I was able to dedicate my life to helping others. Counseling is always apart of the process, no matter your job title or location. Through the medical field I learned about the process of death and grief. In inpatient psychiatric hospitals, I was able to see the impact of severe mental illness. In management, I learned the importance billing and time management. And that it was certainly not a strength of mine! Each new role and experience taught me lessons that no book or class ever could. I am thankful for each experience.

And then I questioned what made me have the calling in the first place? I wanted to be a mental health therapist in a private practice setting. But again the experience was lacking in this area. I did not know where to begin… and thankfully an agency agreed to help me. It was a difficult transition. I have definitely had to go back to where it all began. Relearning how to provide quality therapy.  Remembering how to use the “empty chair” technique. How to engage a child in sand tray play therapy. Recognizing my own weaknesses and how they impact others. Then I hit a big wall. I knew that I was finding my path. But I no longer felt capable of doing it in an agency setting. It became uncomfortable.

I knew that this was a sign, that it was finally time. Time that I listened to my gut. Time that I fulfilled what I have been dreaming of since a young student. Time to become independent, with the ability to make my own choices. Time to go into Private Practice.

Of course, I was not able to do this alone. There are too many people to thank. But you know who you are.  I appreciate everything that you have done to assist me with this journey. I appreciate the phone calls, the technical assistance, the movers, the emotional support, the financial support, and the professional support. I am so thankful to everyone. And I recognize that I am not an island, and will continue to require guidance from others. 

I am thrilled to be able to say that I am in Private Practice! It’s extremely exciting and positive. Of course, it’s not perfect..It’s very much, “a work in progress.” And will continue to be so. But above all, is that I am finally back on the path. With the passion to help others and the ability to do so. And that is what truly matters. 

Angie Simonton, LCSW-BACS

Published by Angie Simonton, LCSW

Welcome! My name is Angie Simonton and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in St. Tammany Parish. My office is located in Covington, LA next to Lakeview Hospital in the Fairway Complex Buildings. I am a Private Practice therapist with a specialization in anxiety and mood disorders. After many years of working in various settings “in the field,” I decided it was time to go back to my calling ... in mental health. I am thankful for my experiences at other agencies where I was able to work with children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. I have been able to work in various parishes across our state; including Orleans, Jefferson, St Tammany, Iberia, Lafayette, Washington, Tangi, and more. It has given me a great appreciation for various cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic status, and religious beliefs. I use a strengths based, holistic approach, that looks at the big and small picture. Some call this Psychodynamic Treatment... I call it individualized treatment. It’s making sure that your needs are met in the best way possible.. to achieve symptom relief and long term recovery.

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