1 in 133 Americans have Undiagnosed Celiac Disease. And left untreated it can cause Cancer.

This article was originally published on my Linkedin Account on 1/26/17.  I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease today. You would think I would be upset. But in fact, it’s a relief. I have known that I had Celiac Disease for over a year. Yes, I self-diagnosed, but I will post that in a different article. Celiac […]

US Election is having a Significant Impact on Abuse Survivors

Social media is currently exploding from the Presidential Election of 2016 with Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton. In particular, with survivors of sexual abuse. Most people are aware that Trump has a history of being sexually inappropriate and disrespectful with women. But with the recent release of a recorded conversation from 2005, these allegations are […]

For the Butterflies 

I love butterflies. There is something magical and mysterious about them. They fly in the wind, seemingly unstoppable. They joyfully dip around white dandelions and yellow daisies. And their beauty is unparalleled. Butterflies are rarely seen, difficult to catch, have gone through a significant transformation, and yet remain incredibly delicate. I believe that some people […]