The PTSD Umbrella

Trigger Warning ⚠️ If you have PTSD, this content may upset you. It’s not graphic in nature but still could be upsetting. Disclaimer~ this is not meant to be used instead of mental health treatment nor for self diagnosis purposes. If you are concerned that you are experiencing PTSD please seek the attention of a […]

The secret they don’t tell you about disclosing familial sexual abuse

Trigger Warning- includes content of the dynamics of incest, sexual abuse patterns in families, emotional abuse, bullying, and Retraumatization. This article was written for victims of abuse. This is going to be a different post. I am not going to quote any authors or cite professional literature. I am not going to use a great […]

1 in 133 Americans have Undiagnosed Celiac Disease. And left untreated it can cause Cancer.

This article was originally published on my Linkedin Account on 1/26/17.  I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease today. You would think I would be upset. But in fact, it’s a relief. I have known that I had Celiac Disease for over a year. Yes, I self-diagnosed, but I will post that in a different article. Celiac […]