“I know my child has Autism but no one will diagnose it.” The Parental Challenges of having a Child on the Spectrum.

It continues to shock me that so many parents are having difficulty with their child being evaluated or treated for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We understand the importance of Early Intervention Services, but this is difficult to receive when mental health professionals are not giving the diagnosis to receive these services. ABA, or Applied Behavioral […]

1 in 133 Americans have Undiagnosed Celiac Disease. And left untreated it can cause Cancer.

This article was originally published on my Linkedin Account on 1/26/17.  I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease today. You would think I would be upset. But in fact, it’s a relief. I have known that I had Celiac Disease for over a year. Yes, I self-diagnosed, but I will post that in a different article. Celiac […]