🔳Is Therapy Confidential?🔳

For most situations, yes. Yet there are definitely some situations that are a “but….”.

  • If the client is under age 18, then legal guardians have the right to Treatment Information.
  • If you use your health insurance: then your insurance provider has the right to some of your information to “justify” treatment and payment.
  • If you are involved in a lawsuit and the therapist is court ordered to testify.
  • If you involve the therapist with a lawsuit, malpractice claim, or licensure complaint.

And Last but Not Least—

  • Mandatory Reporting: The therapist is a mandatory reporter and required to report (at all times) the following things. First: if the therapist suspects that the client is actively suicidal or homocidal. Second: if the therapist suspects that if a (child or elderly) client is being actively abused, neglected, or is unsafe.
  • The Duty to Warn:  The therapist is required with the duty to warn. This means if a therapist has valid concerns that the client will harm themself or someone else, then the therapist is required to report this information.

Angie Simonton, LCSW

Updated 06/18

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