They often say the most difficult part of therapy, “is walking through the door.” I believe there is truth to that statement. Therapy is not only an investment in yourself, but its an investment in your life. Compare it to the ripple effect of when a pebble is bounced into a lake. Effective therapy has the ability to impact your life circle. I would like to help you navigate the challenges that you are facing. You are not alone and there is hope. I can guide you towards increased self awareness, positive change, and healing.

I enjoy working with all age ranges (6 years and up) and with various issues & stressors. I specialize in anxiety, depression, mood swings, self esteem, trauma, eating disorders, autism, womenโ€™s issues, self harm, and grief. I prefer Client Centered and Psychodynamic Therapy in conjunction with Trauma Informed Care and Attachment Theory. I offer individual therapy and family therapy. Some modalities I use in session include: play therapy, psychoeducation, processing deep rooted issues, strength building, testing for diagnostic purposes, education on coping skills, reframing negative thought processes, homework assignments, advocacy, coordinaton with treatment providers, community resources, and referrals. I am interested in expanding my work with Veterans and advocating for the disabled in the future.

I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist with the ability to diagnose and treat most mental health issues. I offer individual & family therapy. If interested in treatment with me please refer to the above information on how to schedule an appointment. I look forward to speaking with you!