They often say the most difficult part of therapy, “is walking through the door.” I believe there is a great deal of truth to that statement. Therapy is not only an investment in yourself, but it is an investment in your life. Effective therapy has the ability to positively impact your life and those surrounding you. I would like to help you navigate the challenges that you are facing. You are not alone and there is hope. I can guide you towards increased self awareness, positive change, and healing.

I enjoy working with all age ranges (6 years and up) and with various issues & stressors. I work well with the following issues or diagnoses Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, PTSD, Autism, Chronic Illness, High IQ or Gifted, Relationship Issues, Family Discord, Low Self Esteem, Academic Issues, and more.

If you come into my office, you will not see it plastered with diplomas and certificates. I hang what I am required to..and that’s it. You will rarely see me speaking in front of crowds or on TV. But what you will find, is an office that is used for therapy. And a therapist who focuses on Hope and Change. I like to think of myself as a quiet force, making change one day at a time. And if you decide to come see me, I hope you sit back and feel comfortable. Because this is a safe place.

Updated 07/18